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Take the 8-week challenge for a FREE PelvicToner

What does the 8 week challenge involve?

It's very simple. Follow our online pelvic floor exercise programme at least 4 times a week for 8 weeks*, recording your results through the programme as you go. When you have completed the challenge, we will refund the full cost of your PelvicToner (as long as you bought it from us) or send you a free one.

If you are already a regular exerciser, the exercises you have done already will count towards your challenge - you may even have earned your refund already!

Get started

If you want to exercise with a PelvicToner and don't yet have one, you can buy one here. 


At just £27.99 including delivery, the PelvicToner offers unmatched value for money, beating any other treatment hands down.

Buy yours now ...


To get started, just enter your email below and click on "Start now" - follow the instructions and don't forget to select "I am taking the 8 Week Challenge" when you fill in your profile. And don't worry, the online exercise programme is completely free.

Once you have completed the challenge, we will be in touch to issue your refund.

If you are already using the programme, just login from the homepage, then edit your profile (which you'll find on the My exercises page) to select "I am taking the 8 Week Challenge". Any exercises that you have already done will be counted towards your challenge, so you may have a great head start!

To get started, go to your profile and select the "I am taking the 8 Week Challenge" option, then carry on exercising. When you have completed the challenge, we will be in touch to issue your refund.

If you are already registered, you can click here to edit your profile.

How we will use your results

Your exercise record will be used anonymously to provide us with information on how effective the PelvicToner is. Based on user feedback that we have had before, we expect to get some great results that will help us to help more women strengthen their pelvic floor.

We take data privacy very seriously and will never share your personal data with anyone else. We will only store data that we need to keep and we will destroy your data if you ask us to. You can read our Data Policy here.

* What does 4 times a week for 8 weeks mean in practice?

In order to qualify for your free pelvic toner, you need to perform your exercies 32 times on 32 different days over an 8 week period and record those exercises accurately using our online exercise programme. You should record each set of exercises on the day that you do them; if you don't manage to record one, let us know using the Feedback form and we'll see what we can do!

We would recommend that you work as close to 4 days a week as you can, as it is better to exercise at a steady rate. 

Exercise Programme

To use our online exercise programme, just enter your email, click on "Start now" (below) and follow the instructions. And don't worry, it's completely free.