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How it works

PelvicFloorExercises.info lets you take control of your pelvic floor. It gives you:

Information - knowledge is power. If you understand your condition and how it relates to your pelvic floor, your exercise activity will be better focused and more effective.

Guidance - pelvic floor exercises are simple to do, if you know what you are supposed to be doing. We offer a guide to pelvic floor exercises (what they are and how they work), so you know what you are aiming for, as well as tips, tricks and FAQs to help you to do them properly.

Exercise programme - our interactive pelvic floor exercise programme will:

  • optimise your exercises to a level that works best for you
  • give structure to your exercise programme
  • deliver progress over time.

By working at a level and a pace to suit your personal needs, you will find the motivation to continue to improve as you work towards the next acheivable step.

Get started

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Take the 8 Week Challenge

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